About us info

We’re based out of Denver Colorado
Not olny as patriots of the country
We’re also patriotic about the planet earth
And take pride in utilizing natural resources
To not olny help you but every solar system we service & every bag of fertilizer sold is one step closer to making the world a better place!


As a solar company and a fertilization provider we value renewable energy & the growth of your plants and vegetables. our mission Is too provide the best compost for the fertilization of whatever your growing be it a single rose or a larger scale planting project like a garden of vegetables were here too provide & do the best we can to produce a good foundation for your gardening & planting needs!


Our compost consists of fully biodegradable & natural ingredients and every bag of fertilizer we produce & send out is made in house by us personally we know its the norm to buy from big name brands but in today’s economy its essential small businesses get recognition also.